Aquatics Information has been providing Pool Operator Training since 2002. Shane Ince, General Manager and Principal Trainer of Aquatics Information, has been involved in the commercial aquatics industry since 1979.

Shane holds the PHTA© CPO© certification, Certificate III and IV Swimming Pool and Spa Service and is a certified PHTA© Instructor

Shane Ince,

General Manager Aquatics Information.

   Recipient of the “Orimatech Award of Excellence for outstanding achievements in the Aquatic Industry  (2002)

President of Aquatic Recreation Institute (SA) in 2005

   Guest speaker at the Environmental Health Conference, Adelaide (2010)

    Guest speaker at the Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia, Bangkok (2011)

Provided the NSPF© CPO© certification course at the Waves Pool & Spa Exhibition, New Delhi India (2012)

Guest speaker at the Waves Pool & Spa Exhibition, New Delhi India (2012)

Provided the NSPF© CPO© certification course at the Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia, Bangkok (2012)

Aquatics Information was recognised at the 10th annual World Aquatic Health Conference for certifying the most individuals through the Metric NSPF© CPO© certification program outside the United States.

Recipient of the 2014 South Australian Aquatic Industry Person of the Year through

Recreation SA

NSPF Distinguished Instructor Award 2014 - 2015

Member of the Education Committee, PHTA©

 Instructor Education Committee


Above: NSPF Education Committee (2016) at the WAHC Conference 2016 Nashville, USA


The CPO®  certification program will train you how to operate and service commercial swimming pools and spas. The two-day class covers 14 – 16 hours of information from the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (P&HTA©) Pool & Spa OperatorTM Handbook, local standards and codes and is taught by a certified Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (P&HTA©) Instructor. Topics covered include pool calculations, disinfection, water balance, pool and spa water problems, water circulation, filtration and much more. The classroom setting offers direct interaction with an instructor and fellow students. You must achieve a minimum score of 75% on the final open book exam to earn CPO© certification. The certification is valid for 5 years.

Students also have the option of obtaining their CPO®certification using the Fusion method. This is when students register to be able to complete sections online of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (P&HTA©)  Pool & Spa OperatorTM Handbook with the rest of the course being completed by one day in a classroom environment and the open book exam. The one day in the classroom can be either at a specific one-day Fusion course or the second day of any two-day CPO© certification class.



June 17, 2024