Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the course cover?
A. The course covers
•    Pool & Spa Management
•    Regulations and Guidelines
•    Essential Calculations
•    Pool Water Contamination
•    Disinfection
•    Water Balance
•    Pool & Spa Problems
•    Chemical Testing
•    Chemical Feed & Control
•    Water Circulation
•    Pool & Spa Circulation
•    Heating & Air Circulation
•    Spa & Therapy Operations
•    Facility Safety
•    Maintenance Systems
•    Trouble Shooting
•    Facility Renovation & Design

Q. Do I receive a Certificate?
A. Yes you receive an internationally recognised Certified Pool Operator Certificate through the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

Q. How long does the certificate last?
A. 5 Years at which time you need to do the course again

Q. How long is the course?
A. The course is a two-day classroom course, which covers 14 – 16 hours of information from the Pool & Hot Tub Aliance (P&HTA) Pool & Spa OperatorTM Handbook. The two-day course will start at 8:30 am each day and finish about 5 pm each day with homework for students that night after the first day. The second day is made up of classroom work and an open book, 60 question multiple choice exam in the afternoon. Once a student completes the exam I will mark it and let them know how they went. The finishing time of students on day 2 will depend on how long it takes each student to finish the exam

Q. Am I able to do the course online?
A. You can do part of the course online (Fusion) but you still have to attend one day in the classroom. This can be either the last day of a two-day course or a specific Fusion one-day course.

Q. Can I pay for the course with a credit card?
A. Yes (extra fee applies) and you can also pay by cheque, PayPal (extra fee applies) or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Q. How much does the course cost?
A. The current course fee is $455 per student (Not registered for GST)

Q. How do I enrol?
A. You can either register online by going to the “Course Online Registration” page (menu to the right or CLICK HERE). Once this is received we will invoice you for the course fee.

Q. Do I need to supply a cheque or purchase order with my application form?
A. You can send in either a cheque or purchase order if that is easy for you, or if your company requires purchase orders to be raised prior to payment.

Q. If I send in an application form is my course guaranteed?
A. While Aquatics Information always tries to accommodate all applicants should we receive insufficient numbers to run a programmed class the class may need to be cancelled if we only get one or two applicants?

Q. Do you run extra courses than the ones in the calendar?
A. If you are in a country area, another state or would like a course run at your facility or organization we will run a course if you have a minimum of 6 people. Please contact us to organise any extra courses.

Q. What if I fail the CPO certification?
A. Any student who fails has an option to resit a new exam within 90 days of attempting the first CPO exam. 

We will endeavour to update this on a regular basis but if you have any questions that are not answered here please contact us via email or phone.